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April 10, 2012



I looked around and didn't see a response (sorry if I missed it) so I'm wondering the same thing as the first commenter. Can this plate be used with other scoring boards. I had two other brands before SU came out with theirs, so I just can't justify buying another one. I know there are tutorials out there for making envelopes without a diagonal plate but it might be nice to have one if it works with other boards.

Edna Burgess

Another good tutorial. Can the diagonal plate be used with other score boards? I've had one for many years and don't want to buy another one. Edna


OK-Where did you find yours?

Dawn Olchefske

My postmaster recommends the label to create a "white space" for the address so the mail reader machine can more easily process it. Especially if you're using darker or more "busy" looking paper.


thanks for the tutorial--I did wonder why you suggest writing the address on a label instead of just on the envelope?

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