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March 14, 2013


Dawn Olchefske

Double mat...great idea Sylvia!


Island Indigo for me. Or perhaps double mat and use both??

Sue N.

Also not a big fan of the summer starfruit - just not bright enough for me. Island Indigo cardstock is a must with this Sycamore DSP - a favorite!

Pam H

I don't know if is the way the photo came out or what but the Summer Starfruit seems a little washed out. I do like the Island Indigo the best. Awesome cards. Thanks for sharing.

Chris R. from Iowa

I think I am about the only person who doesn't really get excited over the summer starfruit color. So, I would go with the island indigo but both go just fine! This card could be one of your fast and easy or whatever term you coined. I really like this card and plan on making some once my little butterfly punch comes. Love your comment about add your message and mail. I was so excited once with a card I had made that I forgot to even sign my name inside and just quickly put it in the mail! When my friend remarked about it, I was a bit embarassed but told her she could share the love and send it to someone else if she liked. Boy, these days you gotta think fast!

Patti G in AZ

Hmmm... normally I prefer all things in shades of blue but I think I like the one with Summer Starfruit - it's a little brighter

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