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Kathy C.

Dawn - great information and thank you for sharing. I often look at your videos, you have such wonderful ideas and having everything in one place is brilliant!

Patti Matejewski

Dawn thank you for sharing your PDF of the framelits and sizes!

Dawn Olchefske

Thank you Sandy - Glad you're enjoying the Library!

Sandy England

This is an amazing library. You really honor the CASE and sharing what we love. Thank you so much because you have made my life so much easier. Blessings to you.


Dawn - you are extremely talented and so kind to share all of your ideas!! I'm looking forward to searching your website more. Thank you!!

Jane Johnson

I ordered for the first time and I am so happy I did. This is awesome!!! Thank you for all of this.

Laura Martinez

Thank you so much for all your tutorials and card ideas. I really
appreciate that you don't charge for them as other demonstrators do. This is really awesome of you!

Thanks again.

Marie Sellers

I really enjoyed your tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing. Lots of info I can really use!

Danel from Chicago

Simply awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing incredible ideas!


Thanks Dawn for sending this link...looks like there is evertying I need right in one place! Looking forward to the new catalog.


Hi Dawn
first of all I'd like to wish you a happy new year, all the best and a lot of success for 2013.
I like your posts and appreciate that you share your ideas with us.
I tried out your faux metal tutorial for a 18th birthday and linked it on my blog (in German). Hope this is ok for you...if not please let me know.
Best regards from Europe


Hi Dawn,
I was looking for an example of an easel card and I came across your youtube video of your scalloped circle easel card.
It's a great tutorial and thanks for sharing.
Now that I have found your site I am sure to check out the rest of your extensive resource library!


absolutely the best!!! You should market your Library of CD's!!!

Nancy Hoffman

Hi Dawn, I just saw a box, made out of cardstock, that has 4 sections in it and it holds Christmas gift tags that they made using the ornament punch. I haven't found anything yet for a pattern. Do you have a tutorial for something like that? Thanks for your help. Nancy


Can you join and have cards sent to Canada?

Miriam Kleicke

Hello Dawn,
THANKS sooo much for your great blog. You are so inspiring. I love watching your techniques.
"I´ll be back!" :o)


Wow...thanks for your amazing blog. You are soooo inspiring. I just love your work, tutorials and techniques. Guess you´ve got a new fan from abroad.
Greetings from Germany


Good heavens! I feel like I just fell down the most tantalizing of rabbit holes! Thanks, Dawn, for sending me this link!


WOW! Thanks so much for providing such an AWESOME site for us to learn from. I'm going to tell everyone about you! Your an excellent teacher.

Bron Heslop

Wow, Dawn - you are amazing! Thank you for making this available for everyone. You're a star, and it is most appreciated. Bron xx

Ellen L

Dawn - thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent and projects with us. I will be referring to your resource library again and again! It's so good of you to offer this!


What GREAT talent you have....I'm a huge fan!


Just wanted to let you know that I have been a demo for 7 years now, and my upline is no longer active. I found you awhile back, and had the priviledge of seeing you present at the Minneapolis Regional in February 2011. You truely are an inspiration to customers and to fellow demonstrators and I have spent the last 2 days combing your site to kick start my creativity! I will come back here often to recharge, which is something that my upline would have normally done for me! A huge thank you for all you are doing!


Hi Dawn,
Wanted to tell you that I keep placing your tutorials/videos or other where I can easily find them. I have others as well. I love it when you all do these videos. I have done about 5 cards suing many of these videos/written instructions too.

Anne Marie

Wow, Dawn! This looks like a lot of work but such a fabulous resource. Thank you for taking the time to do this . Love your work and will be by to visit often! Hugs! :)


Oh my stars! This is wonderful. I love just about everything you do. Thanks for doing this - lots of work involved and thanks for blessing my day and helping me along with my stamping art. :)

Marlene Vallée

WOW! Thanks!!!! It's super!


Dawn: Super job again. LOVE IT. You have made it so easy for us to look for a back video etc. Last week I did your grad. card.
Thanks for your time in doing this.


WOW, fantastic resources, love the new look!


Really like your new blog.Lots of information here and thanks for spending many hours doing this for us.Look forward to using it often and things to come.


I love the new look on your blog! What I really want you to know is how much I appreciate your new resource library. It is awesome and it is so nice of you to offer this at no charge. You are now bookmarked on my Top Sites mailbox and I plan on returning often to view your videos and tutorials. Thank you!

Carol Jean Hertkorn

Great Job Dawn. I love your Library. I am always searching for things I know I saw somewhere but can't remember where.
thanks for sharing your talent.

Catherine Kraft

Love your new updated blog! I really enjoy visiting and look forward to being able to take time to really look. Thanks for the creative help.

Sue McNeill

WOW!!!!! You have done a terrific job in making this very successful and lovely blog site even better!! Congratulations, Dawn. Love, love, love it!


I love it. Thank you for taking your time to do this for all of your followers. Being a new stamper, I am always trying new techniques or see something and want to try it with instructions. The best to you.


WOW, this is really AWESOME!

Carol Matthews

Dawn - this is totally awesome! Thank you so much! I will use and refer to this site often.

Barbara Marschall

Just got a quick look at it here at work, am excited to take a really good look later at home ... WONDERFUL WONDERFUL process you've set up for us :) THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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