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Domino Tins

Mailbox Tins are Back!!

I understand these cute tins are back at the Target Dollar Spot (LOVE the Dollar Spot).  I haven't seen them myself - but several of my customers have alerted me to their re-appearance (LOVE my customers).  TIP:  not all Targets carry the same Dollar Spot items - you have to visit several stores.  Also something I learned from last year...they restock two times a week.  So just because they're out one day - they may have them in again later in the week.

OK - on to the cool project.  I did this project at my Stamp Camp last January.  The paper and stamps I used are now since retired.  But use your imagination and have fun making this cute boxes!



1.  I used Sticky Strip to adhere the paper to the mail box.  I put it along all four edges.  I love sticky strip for "tin" projects.  It also works great to adhere our 1/4" grosgrain ribbon - because it's the same width as the ribbon.

2.  How to get around the flag?  Wrap your paper around your mailbox - do not adhere yet.  Where the paper goes over the flag - press your finger on the paper over the "screw".  Press hard enough to make an impression.  Then take a 1/2" circle punch (or maybe is was the 3/4" - you'll have to test it out.  hmm...I'm leaning towards the 3/4") and punch out where the impression is.  Then make a cut with your scissors from the edge of the paper to the circle.  This way you can fit the paper around the flag. 

Sorry - hard to explain in words.  I'll try to put up a picture tomorrow.

In the meantime - have fun!!! - Dawn O