Embrace Life - Sample #1
Another Simple Embrace Life - Sample #2

Valentines Day in two days...

This week, millions of romantics--and even some who aren't--will celebrate Valentine's Day, a special holiday set aside to express love for special people in our lives. While the history of this holiday is uncertain (it is named after at least one of several different St. Valentines), current traditions are certainly not! We send an estimated 1 billion cards on this holiday, to remind those around us that they are loved.

Special days such as Valentine's Day are a reminder of one of the central reasons Stampin' Up! exists--we believe in caring for others, and sharing that concern through heartfelt and handmade expressions of our love. With the flood of commercialism that has overtaken our society, handmade valentines are becoming the exception rather than the rule. This only means that hand-stamped cards become even more treasured by those who receive them.

Take time to send a handmade card to your love one.

Here's some Valentines Day cards that I've made in the past.  I'll share some more tomorrow as well as one that was published in a national magazine (yes - I've been published!)