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2008 Stampin' Up! Convention & Tonic Sol-Fa

Hmm...let me set the scene.

So - you're going to your annual Stampin' Up! convention (it's your 5th one!)  It's awards night and you've just received an unexpected, but awesome award (demonstrator of the year #41) and you're flying high.  What could top that?!

Well - Shelli gets up to announce the entertainment for the night.  She starts to describe the group who's about to take the stage and I look at my convention buddy  Laurie and say, "I think I know who she is talking about".  Next thing I know, my favorite MN State Fair a cappella group is on the stage!  I went wild - to say the least.


They were awesome and I'm sure they made some new fans that night!

My husband and I have watched them "grow-up" at the MN State Fair for several years now.  We have several of the CD's and have gone to many of their local performances in Hopkins and Buffalo, MN.  If you want to see them in person (which I highly recommend) - they are at the MN State Fair today and tomorrow, check the schedule here: MN STATE FAIR BANDSHELL SCHEDULE

Can't make it to the fair?  Check out their website for schedule and CD's!

Wanna hear them singing a "Stampin' Up!" song?  Of course you do!  It's a hoot...check it out here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsSJ6-5W5cA&NR=1 

More pics...



They were the best to put up with us Stampin' Up! people.  The line was long for their autographs and pictures.  This is a group shot with my roommates.


Just me and Shaun!

Thanks Stampin' Up! and Tonic Sol-fa for the best awards night entertainment ever!!!