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Founder's Circle - "The Apartment"

During our tour of the Kanab Manufacturing Facility, we toured "The Apartment".  This truly is an apartment .  Since the corporate office is in Riverton - when employees (and of course, Shelli) from the Riverton Office need to stay for meetings in Kanab - they can stay in the apartment vs a hotel room. 

Shelli has personally decorated the apartment - which she has done fabulously.  It has a warm cozy feeling to it.  A home away from home.  Plus better than a hotel room any day of the week!  Once again - little touches to make her employees lives more comfortable!







Isn't this just warm and inviting?! 


Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle - Day 3: Off to Kanab!

What a beautiful day for a trip to Kanab!  Kanab, Utah is the home of the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility.  What a joy to tour the place where all of our fabulous stamp sets are made!

We started our day early, boarding a bus for the 2 hour ride to Kanab.  We were divided up into 3 groups and I was assigned to the Georgia Peach bus.  As we boarded the bus - we're offered a snack from the snack basket.  Check it out!


Let me tell you...the SNACK BASKET was NEVER empty, it just seemed to multiply!

Here's our Georgia Peaches Leader, Bonnie.  Just making sure ALL of our needs were met.  YEAH BONNIE, you're the BEST!


The two hours sped by as we visited with Shelli.  Yes - Shelli was on our bus!!  She's awesome, approachable and really cares about us demonstrators.  It shows in everything she does!


We arrived at Kanab for a personal tour of the facility.  Due to the proprietary nature of the manufacturing facility no cameras are allowed in certain areas.  Here are a few pictures of the building:



This is a Mother's Lounge.  How nice is this?  There are little touches like this throughout the building.  You could tell that a lot of thought went into not only designing the manufacturing aspect of the building, but also the needs of the employees.  How many companies do that?!


This plaque sums it all up.  This is the feeling of the entire building and ALL employees.  They love their jobs - we heard it over and over!

After the tour - we're off to the park for lunch.  They brought in a SUBWAY lunch wagon and we enjoyed an outdoor picnic with a beautiful view of the mountains.


There is also a playground area and the ground is covered in shredded rubber from the Stampin' Up! manufacturing plant.  Pretty cool - huh?! 


This is me and Kelly.  She's from Wisconsin and we became fast friends! 

Back on the bus for a fun mixer game and BINGO!  Then in no time at all, we arrived back in St George. 

I have more pictures to share about "The Apartment" and of course more pillow gifts.  Check out their separate posts next.

Enjoy~Dawn O


Spooky Spider Decor Elements Now Available

Hey everybody!  Did you know...Stampin' Up! will be releasing Phase two of their Decor Elements product line on October 1st.  You're gonna love it.  They'll be featuring new designs just in time for the upcoming holidays, some cute decor for your kids' rooms and more color choices!

In the meantime -

Stampin' Up! is now featuring this adorable Spooky Spider image in 3 sizes, just in time for your Halloween preparations!


View the flyer here

Spooky Spider is a limited time offer, and will only be available until October 31, 2008.

 Black  White  Description  Price



 Spooky Spider Décor Elements (S)




 Spooky Spider Décor Elements (M)




 Spooky Spider Décor Elements (L)


Just click here to order your Spooky Spider Decor Elements and anything else you need to get started on your Halloween Decorations!


Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle - Make & Takes

Of course you can't go on a Stampin' Up! trip with out STAMPING...and we wouldn't want it any other way.

We were given 3 projects to make.  I'm afraid I only finished two today.  (My downline are laughing right now).  As they know - when I stamp in a group, I chat & visit waaaay to much.  I'm always the last one done because I get so distrated with my chatting.  Just call me "Chatty Cathy"!  Oh well - we have another day of doing whatever we want on Saturday - so maybe I'll finish up the last one then.

The projects we made featured a new set called "Simple Friendship".  What a great set! Plus, what a great set to be given to us at this event.  I just know that I'll come to cherish the new friendships I make here. 

In addition, these projects feature a new Designer Series Paper called "Bella Birds".  It appears to coordinate with Bordering Blue, Chocolate Chip & Pink Pirouette.  Just gorgeous!

Here you go!


These are 3 little gift cards in our small cello bag tied off with ribbon.  Darling!

But my FAVORITE was this wonderfully designed mini Scrapbook.  My Hedgehog Scrapbook Club members are gonna love it.  (Say...there's always room to join a club.  Contact me to find out about my numerous club membership benefits.  "Membership has it priviledges!")






Don't you just love it?!

Off to bed...we're off to Kanab tomorrow to tour the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility.

Enjoy~Dawn O

Founder's Circle - More Gifts from Shelli

We just keep feelin' the LOVE!  After swapping, we were given a darling pen and matching journal to take notes with during our business share. 

Take a look at this adorable pink and black ensemble!


Love it!  Though, I couldn't bring myself to actually use it tonight.  How silly is that?

OK - so if that wasn't enough, I get back to my room after the Pajama Party and another surprise is there sitting on my pillow!


So - do you remember the pink purse from convention (see here)?  See a resemblance?  IT MATCHES!  It is soooo dang cute!



THANKS SHELLI for another great day of gifts, fellowship and FUN!

Enjoy~Dawn O

Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle - Day 2

Would you like to hear about my wonderful Day 2 of Founder's Circle?  What am I saying...of course you do!

Well here's the run down of my day.

SLEEP IN!  yeah!!!

Eat a wonderful breakfast of fresh fruit and delicious omelet with my new friend Kelly Acheson, from Wisconsin.  Practically my neighbor, since I live in MN.  As it turns out, she's #40 Demonstrator of the Year and I was #41. 

We linger over breakfast with great conversation (until they "kicked" us out)

Wander on down to the "Gathering Place" - check out these pictures




How cozy and inviting is this room?!  With the fuzzy blankets and fluffy could just sit in here all day!

Then on to STAMPING.  Back in the corner of this room was our make & take project tables and sample board.  More on that in the next post.

Off to a yummy lunch and dessert.  Gotta save room for dessert!


Back to visiting and sharing business ideas & creative samples and more CANDY.  Yep, there's still candy from yesterday.

Up to the room for a quick nap. 

Then off to dinner with 20 of my favorite new friends at Famous Dave's.

We get back just in time for Pajama Party and business share.

More food - awesome chocolate dipped cookies, root beer floats and more!


Then swapping.  The swapping was awesome.  Everyone did a fabulous job.  Here's a sneak peak, (I'll share close up views of my favorites when I get back.)


So that was what my day looked like - AWESOME!

But that's wasn't all - check for the next post for pictures of our wonderful gifts.


(hmmm...I just re-read my post and it looks like my day was all about the food.  LOL!)

Founder's Circle Pillow Gift - Travel Bag

Oh my gosh - what a special treat to be on this wonderful trip.  Here's a gift from Stampin' Up! 

When was the last time your company treated you to a special trip.  Just another thing I love about Stampin' Up!  They really appreciate their demonstrators.  Can you feel the love?

The designer Travel Bag...take a look at this beautiful bag.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Plus it's filled with stamping supplies.  More FREE STAMPS!





Enjoy~Dawn O

Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle - Day 1

Let the FUN begin!

Today was a travel day.  We flew into Las Vegas, then took a 2hr bus ride to St. George, Utah.  Had a quick lunch, then checked in.  We did a quick mixer game, which at the end, we received a brand new stamp set from the upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog.  FREE STAMPS!

Then we were greeted with this...CANDY, CANDY, CANDY!


There were several carts around the room with tons of jars of CANDY!  See the little tin pails below the cart.  Those are used to dish up our own selection of candy.  So if we get the urge for chocolate - it will be here during our entire stay.  How cool is that?

The night ended with a wonderful dinner with a beautiful table setting, new friends, good food and great table conversation!




What an awesome evening!

Enjoy~Dawn O