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Hawaii: A funny thing happened on the way to Breakfast

Actually, it was after breakfast.  I tripped on the last two stairs at the breakfast buffet restaurant and face planted on the stone floor.  I hurt my shin, ankle and foot.  I was able to get up and walked halfway back to the room, but then...oh my, the pain set in.

So security was sent to our room and we called our insurance company.  They advised us to get an x-ray to make sure I hadn't broken my leg.  So off we go to spend the afternoon at the ER.  Since it was Sunday - that was our only option.  A couple hours later - we get the prognosis...it's only a contusion (whatever that is...it hurts!).  I'm instructed to stay off it for 2 days and sent off with crutches.

I have to say - our taxi driver was great.  He used to be a tour guide and gave us a wonderful "tour" on the way to the ER.

The hotel provided us with a wheelchair and security escorted us to various things throughout the resort.  So we got the "underground" tour as they carted me around for a couple of days.  In addition - my husband was a great sport hauling me around too!

Wednesday - I gave up the wheelchair for the crutches only and today (Thursday), I'm walking on my own power.  A bit stiff, but able to walk. 

My friend Kelly got a picture of me with her Sock Monkey.


So now you'll know why I'm using crutches in some of my pictures that will be in future posts.  Whew - glad to get that story over with. 

Later I'll share pictures of the tour we took on Tuesday.  Yes - I went with wheelchair and crutches in hand.  I wasn't gonna miss it!

Aloha~Dawn O