Welcome to June's Tour de Freaks Blog Tour
Accordion Flower Rosette Tutorial

Tour de Freaks Blog Tour Drawing

Blog Tour Pic

THANK YOU everyone for your overwhelming response to our Tour de Freaks Blog Tour. I enjoyed reading your comments and so appreciate all of the wonderful responses! 

A few people had questions about the Flower Rosette Card, so I'll be posting a quick tutorial for that technique.  Watch for my next post.

On to the drawing....


"Great job, Dawn! It's amazing how many of you control freaks I found on my own - and now I have a few more I've added to my bookmarks. Thanks for doing this cool tour for us. Love the rolling marble technique - my daughter used to do it while in preschool, and it's fun to see it in stamping! My fave has got to be the cute bandaid box. Brings back memories of being a kid in rural New York, heading to our campsite by the lake for the summer, armed with a couple of packs of Pop Rocks for entertainment on the ride there! Nice job on all of your posts."

Cheryl - if you could send me your address, I'll pop these projects in the mail to you!

Join us next month on July 20th for the New Catalog Tour de Freaks!

Dawn O