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How to leave a comment and enter to WIN

Hey everyone!  I'm SO excited that you're SO excited

I've received some wonderful feedback and I SO appreciate it!  I must have had a lot of "lurkers" visiting my blog.  Nothing like a Celebration & FREE stamps to break the silence!

I also received a few inquiries on how to leave a comment, so you can enter to win. 

There are two ways to leave a comment on my blog posts.

1.  At the bottom of each blog post, there is a section that looks like the picture below.  Click on the word "comments" and it will take you to the individual post.  Scroll to the bottom for the comments box.



2.  Click on the title of the specific post you want to leave a comment for.  Then scroll to the bottom for the comments box

Hope that helps and GOOD LUCK!

Enjoy~Dawn O


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