Guest DOstamperSTAR: Jenny Maetzold
Well Scripted, Gotta Have it!!

Amazing Race to San Juan!

It's Sunday morning at 8:00am and we're here in San Juan, BUT...  we weren't supposed to be here until 3:00pm this afternoon. So what happen...Let me start with Friday night.

11:00pm Friday Night
Arrive at home after an awesome DOstamperSTARS meeting.  Decide not to unload my car and just go to bed.  Will take care of it in the morning.  Regroup, tackle my long To Do list, pack for cruise. No problem - I've got all day on Saturday.

7:30am Saturday Morning
Get up, but am still waking up (you know the feeling). 

8:00am Saturday Morning
Think to myself, "Hmmm...let's try printing online boarding passes for our flight tomorrow."  My hhusband, Gene, "Good idea".  He goes online and we receive an error.  This itinerary is not available for purchase.  Hmmm, that's a wierd error.  So I give it a try and get the same message.  Usually I would just say...OK, we'll just figure it out at the airport tomorrow.  But something told me - I better call the airlines.

8:15am Saturday Morning
Call the airlines. 
She asks, "What is the problem?". 
I explain the situation  
She says, "I don't understand.  Are you at the airport?  Did you miss your flight?"
I say, "No, our flight isn't until tomorrow"
She says, "No, your flight was at 6:00am this morning"
I say, "No, that can't be correct.  I didn't plan to leave a day early" (like she knows what I'm talking about.)
She says, "Get to the airport right away and get on another flight".

8:30am  Saturday Morning
Panic sets in and I'm at a loss for just a minute.  Then the problem solver in me shifts into action.  Find our tickets, find our itinerary, etc, etc.  OK - we find everything, including my original itinerary from Stampin' Up! travel agency.  Sure enough - the original paperwork is for Sunday.  However, my tickets do say for Saturday.  WHAT!!  How did that happen?  I never requested to leave early.  

8:30am  Saturday Morning
Call the Travel Agent - no answer, leave a message

8:40am  Saturday Morning
Wow - we've gotta get going and we're like the Tazmanian Devil.  My husband feeds the cat, takes out garbage, calls the house sitter and travel arrangements to the airport, etc, etc.  I look a my TO DO and determine what HAS to be done.  Finalize two workshop orders and take care of a small detail for one of my accounting clients.

Like crazy people we throw some clothes in our suitcases and we are out the door

9:10am  Saturday Morning
In the car to my daughter's house.  Finished up calls to my family and my assistant to let her know...yes, I need her to SAVE me while I'm gone.

10:00am  Saturday Morning
Arrive at Angie's house.  Grab her and Max (my grandson). 

10:15am  Saturday Morning
On our way to the airport

10:30am  Saturday Morning
Arrive at airport.  Hmmm, not sure how we're going to take care of this.  Luckily, the American Airlines area was empty, yet there were a couple ticket agents there to help.  Specifically, ROB - to save the day.  We started to explain what happened.  And before we were able to finish our story, he grabbed our tickets and was booking another flight.  Before he could tell us what he was doing, he handed us our lugguage tags and tells us to quickly get our bags over the the bag area and get them on the plane NOW.  I'm like, wait - tell us what's happening.  He says trust me, get them over asap.  We're getting you on a flight that boarding NOW!  Yikes.

In a matter of minutes - 3 agents were taking care of everything.  We got through security and rushed to the gate.  Rob ended up meeting us there.  He had to reinstate our flight back (since it got cancelled since we had missed it).  Plus he pointed out that the original flight information was incorrect for the flight back. 

At the last minute, we got upgraded to 1st class for our first leg to Chicago.

11:00am Saturday Morning
We're on the plane - yeah!!!!  Now that we had a minute to let everything soak in, we realized that we didn't have a place to stay or transportation arrangements.  Hmmm...well I trust Stampin' Up! and I'm sure everything will get worked out.  I tell myself not to worry about it.

12:45pm Saturday Afternoon
Arrive in Chicago and get something to eat (we hadn't eaten anything yet).  Then arrive at gate area.  Yeah - there are a couple of Stampin' Up! demonstrators there!  Woohoo - I'm couldn't be more happy.  (Hi Joan, Kristen and Lyndsay!!).  Joan and Kristen's arrangements were made by Stampin' Up!.  So we just followed them.

8:00pm Saturday Evening
Arrive at airport.  Arrange to take the shuttle with Joan and Kristen to the Hotel.  Stampin' Up!'s travel agent books a room for us.

WE'RE HERE! A day before we're supposed to, a little stressed out, but starting to breathe and take it all in.

Despite the everything that went wrong - there was SO much that went right.  Actually - I had the foresight to try to print our own boarding passes, which set everything in motion.  Someone was watching out for us - thank you!!!!

I had planned to have some blog posts pre-ready for you while I'm gone - but only got to a couple of them.  OH well - life goes one. 

See ya when I get back