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Q-Tip Stamping: Details Dawn, we want details!

I feel like this post's headline should read:

Q-Tip Stamping Takes Stampers By Storm!

I've literally been flooded with requests to share more about coloring with Q-tips, to create a video and where I've purchased them (which is actually a really good question).  I also have some international followers that don't know what Q-tips are (never even occurred to me).  So here's a picture:


Here's the details:

I purchased these at least 3-4 years ago at a local dollar store.  They came in the real cool curvy container you see in the picture. (Partly why I bought them.  You do it too!).  They called it a "Pastels Cosmetic Set".  In each section were the following:  100 Cosmetic Buds (aka Q-tips), 10 Facial Pads, 10 Cotton Balls.  So I guess these were designed more for applying cosmetics, then for ear cleaning.

As it turns out - I really like them for coloring.  Actually better than the Q-tip brand which is softer and probably wouldn't hold up well.  These particular ones are quite "stiff and wrapped tight".  I also like that they have two types of ends.  I used the round end for larger areas and the pointed end for smaller details.  I just rub them on an ink pad and color away!

I think that should clear everything up! 

Thank you for your overflowing & overwhelming comments and reaction to my Control Freaks Blog post.  I do read every single one of them (I saw there were a couple of awards sprinkled in there too.  I'll get to them soon.)  I SO appreciate your support.  You know...when you first start blogging, you wonder.  Is anyone even reading this?  Well - over two years later...I guess you are!  Thank You!


On another note:  The Abyss! (aka: Stamping Studio)

I'm thrilled to know that I'm not the only one who suffers from a messy Stamping Studio!  I want to thank the people who took the time to share their studio/craft room stories with me.  I loved reading them and you brightened my day!

Enjoy~Dawn O


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