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Q-Tip Stamping: Details Dawn, we want details!

Q-tips stamping: Welcome to Dawn's World!

Who knew that Q-tip stamping would create such a buzz?  Certainly not me!  I have to tell  you - I'm snickering about this.  Maybe you all need to know a little bit more about me. 

Come in close...I have a dirty little secret!

Here, let me set the scene:


OK - I confess.  My stamp "studio" is a disaster area (aka The Abyss)!  It's a bedroom converted for my stamp supplies.  When it's "clean" it looks great and I might even stamp in it.  However, it quickly becomes the room where things get thrown into when I'm in a hurry.  I'm pretty good about getting stamp sets, ink, etc back into it's proper places.  Despite the look of it - it's quite organized.  A place for most everything.  Did you catch that?  MOST everything.  When there isn't a place for something - where does it go?  Into The Abyss!

So - why am I confessing all of this to you?  Well - since I can't actually stamp in my studio (at least 80% of the time), I stamp in the dining room.  Which means I make LOTS of trips to my studio.  Now - it's not that far from the dining room.  But this up and down, back & forth takes a toll on one's mojo!  You just get into an idea and bam...gotta go find this or that to make it happen.  Plus - with my short-term memory as it is, all it takes is for me to get out of a chair and before I make it to the studio, I've already forgotten what I was going there for. Ugh!

Which leads to making my Control Freaks project from yesterday.  Which I designed last month for one of the projects for my DOstamperSTARS quarterly CAMP-A-RAMA.

Envision me with supplies covering my dining room table.  I get the brilliant idea to use my Stampin' Pastels (which haven't been used in forever)!  So, I go to The Abyss (oops - my stamp studio) to get everything I need (Pastels, Q-tips, etc).  I give the Pastels a try.  It looks OK - but a little too soft for what I wanted.  Plus, my Pretty in Pink chalk is getting pretty small.  If I have everyone use it for this project, it's gonna be all broken into bits and not very usable after the event.  So that's not gonna work.  (OK - do you think like this or is it just me?).  I really think I need to use ink to acheive the look that I'm going for.

SO...I already had the Q-tips out and didn't really want to go back into The Abyss, oops- I mean the studio, to get a blender pen.  Which I had already thought out in my mind wouldn't work anyways, since it would probably pill the paper, because people generally overwork the blender pen, especially on our smooth paper (yet another glimpse into my mind).  So - what the heck...maybe I'll just give the Q-tips a try.  Made sense to me as they were already sitting right there, just an arms length away! 

So, here's how it went.  Listen closely and take notes!  No water, no nothing! Just rub a dry Q-tip onto the inkpad, then straight to the Very Vanilla cardstock to color.  Yup - that's it!

Sorry, to disappoint - no real magic here.  In fact, just plain laziness!  Or maybe, pure genious!!  You be the judge.  (Actually, I bet there are a few of you out there that have tried the Q-tips stamping technique!)

If I was Jan Tink, I'd find an evil-eyed scientist emoticon for you to enjoy.  But alas...I'm no Jan Tink! 

So there's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Have a great day out there in stamping land and give Q-tips a try!

Enjoy~Dawn O


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