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Tips for Reading My Newsletters & e-Cards (Wk #7 of Christmas Just Sent)

My 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletter (week #7) just went out. 

Hopefully you just received it in your email inbox.  I've been receiving questions from new subscribers on how to access the newsletter.  So, I thought I would take a minute to walk you through how to get to the full version of the newsletter.

Here are the steps to view any newsletter or e-card you receive from me.

1.  Open the email - this view of the newsletter is a smaller version of the entire newsletter.  (Essentially a thumb-nail view.)

2.  You'll see the message below at the top of the body of the email


3.  You need to CLICK on that message, which is a link that will give you access to the full version of the Newsletter (or e-Card).

4.  Once you're in the full version of my 12 Weeks of Christmas Newsletter - listed under the picture of the weekly project, you'll find the following message:


5.  You will click on that link and a PDF document will open for you to print.  In addition, you'll find links below that for access to past week's projects.

Hope this short tutorial will help you get the most out of my e-Communications (meaning newsletters and e-cards)!

If you would still like to sign up to receive my newsletter, please complete this Contact Me form.

Enjoy~Dawn O

One last note:  If you are receiving this email, then you are a subscriber to my blog feed - thank you!  However, you may or may not be on my newsletter email list, which is a separate list.  The content of these newsletters are exclusive to my newsletters and are not shared on blog.