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Wow - I was touched by your responses to my Holly Jolly Blog Candy offer.  Your comments on what makes your holidays holly and jolly were such a treat to read...thank you for sharing!  Some were so very touching, others described experiences similiar to my own.  Some shared holiday traditions and others shared their beliefs.  Again thank you!


And the two Holly and Jolly Card Pack Kits go to....

1.  April Davis said: 3 Chritmases ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The panic I felt was unimaginable. I have never been close with God, I always knew he was there, lurking, waiting for me to really screw up so he could teach me a lesson. When I got that terrifying news, I talked to God, and asked for a truse. I begged him, Please save my mother, and I will repay the favor by living a better life. I will talk to you when I don't need something. I will spend more time in church, listening. I will find a way to make others lives more bearable. Well, God spared my mother, but not because I begged. Because he knew she wasn't done here yet. But, I still kept my end of the agreement. I volunteer regularly at a homeless shelter, and have made great friends there. I show up at church, and I listen. I have made significant changes in how I live. What makes my holiday Jolly? Remembering that conversation with God when I was so desperate, at a time of year that is suppose to be so magical and perfect, I was depressed and stranded. I had an epiphany of sorts. Now Chistmas really means rebirth to me, because I was reborn. And my Mom, healthy as a horse, is the best gift I ever asked for.

2.  Brenda Tucker said: Your work is so beautiful! Your blog is one of my "go to blogs" when I'm time challenged. This happens when my DH & I volenteer gift wrap with the Red Cross for 3 six hour shifts.This is a part of Christmas for us! I handstamp the to & from stickers for the gifts. Thanks for all your work! Brenda

April and Brenda  - congrats!  Please contact me directly with your full name and address and I'll send your Holly and Jolly Card Pack kits to you!

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Dawn O