Blast from the Past: Scallop Border Frame w/ Dreams DuJour
Video: Stampin' Up! Border Punch Frames

Stampin' Up! Border Punch Frame Questions Answered

I've received lots of questions on the Stampin' Up! Border Punch Frames I posted here.  So I thought I would take a minute to answer them today.


Q:  Did you use the old style or new style for the Scallop Edge and Eyelets punches?  

A:  I did use the "old style" punches on the the Eyelet Border and Scallop Edge Border frames.  I've since heard that the new style for those punches may work differently.


Q:  Do you know of some way the frames could work for the new style Scallop Edge and Eyelet punches? 

A:  As I don't own the new style of those punches, I'm not completely sure what to suggest.  However, my "accounting brain" thinks if we try starting with a 2-3/4" square (or maybe even smaller), we'll probably get something that looks similiar to the scallop trim border frame (in the lower left on the display).  Just a guess.  I may have to get the new style for these punches.  In the meantime...can anyone give it a try and let me know?


Q:  Did you cut the frame in the middle?

A:  No, the punch does that for you.  Give it a try and you'll go aha!


Q:  Will you be doing a video?

A:  Yes, I can do a video.

eta 2/28/11:  Here's the How to Create a Frame Using Stampin' Up! Border Punches video


I think that's everyone's questions.  I'll try to post a video tomorrow.  Thanks everyone for your generous feedback.  I so appreciate it!!

Enjoy~Dawn O