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Finding Inspiration: It's All Around You!

Inquiring minds want to know...How do I come up with all of my project ideas?

I get that question a lot.  Especially when someone is considering joining Stampin' Up! or my DOstamperSTARS Team.  They want to do I do it?

Well, if truth be told, I'm not all that original.  There, I said it!  Phfew, what a relief to have that out in the open.  Don't get me wrong - I do have an "original" idea from time to time.  But most of my creations start with an inspiration.

Where do I find inspiration?  Lots of places.

1.  Online Stamping Communities
Lately my favorite online community is Stampin' Connection.  Which is an online community exclusive to Stampin' Up! demonstrators.  I can visit daily to find hundreds of ideas for my business.  Not just creative ideas, but business tips as well.  Stampin' Up! demonstrators are about the most friendliest and giving people around!

2.  Advertising
Yes - advertising.  Whether print or TV, it's amazing what I'll glean from an advertisement, catalog or even packaging.  Maybe it's a layout, maybe it's a color combo - who know's what will strike a chord with me. 

3.  Nature
Nature itself provides tons of inspiration.  If I have a flower or bird stamp I want to color, I can just google the name of it and find tons of examples as starting points for coloring.

4.  Music
Do you craft to music?  I do.  It puts me in the mood.  Which is why I do the DOstamping STARS Thursday Challenges.  I like music.  In High School, music was my life.  Between choir, several bands, piano lessons and more - it was my "happy" place. 

5.  Swapping
Not sure where I would be without card swapping.  How could any one person come up with a variety of cards and styles to fill the needs of our papercrafting customers?  Uh - no one could!  In addition, swapping cards helps me stay current on other ways of crafting, new stamping "tricks" and techniques!

6.  Friends
Between my downline and demonstrator friends near and far, I'm ever inspired to CASE (copy and share everything) and learn new papercrafting techniques.  You'll often see cards I received from swaps, friends and downline shared on my blog.  I'm happy to share these creations with you.

7. Stampin' Up!
Last, but not least...I receive so much inspiration from Stampin' Up!  Whether it's attending their awesome Stampin' Up! Events that inspire me with classes, displays, demonstrations and more, or their monthly Stampin' Success magazine filled with creative and business ideas or even...Stampin' Up! Catalogs , which I look to for inspiration ALL the time!

So, there you go.  I'm not out there on my own.  You don't have to be on your own either.  However you get inspired - just go stamp!  Or maybe I should say, DO stamping!

Where do you get your inspiration?  I'd love to hear from you!

You're stamping friend~Dawn O