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Happy 4th of July and Uncle Sam Punch Art

This card just makes me smile!  Uncle Sam is such an iconic symbol for our 4th of July holiday.  With Stampin' Up! Punches - you can make your own Uncle Sam punch art in no time at all.



Update to our power outage...

Thank you to all of you who have sent us well wishes.  As of 11:00am Sunday morning, we got our power back.  The outage did affect our water/sewer as well - so that was no fun.  We were actually just getting ready to call a friend to see if we could shower at their home and the electric company truck pulled up our driveway. 

The basement is cleaned up and basically dried out.  The house is getting back in order pretty quickly, as our family is coming over today after the parade.

Also thank you to everyone who sent us a message regarding my husband's work status with the State of MN.  Everyone has been so kind and supportive.  I want you to know that we are just fine.  Short of this lasting several months, we will manage.  However - there are many state employees and people who receive services via the state who will not be able to manage their way through a shutdown.  I pray that our representatives will come to a compromise quickly, so everyone will be able to return to work (including the companies who are feeling the trickle down effect) and for even more others to continue receiving the services they so desparately need.

Again - thank you for your support!


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