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Our Power Outage

Hey everyone, just thought I would let you know what's going on at the Olchefske household. 

First off - our power is out.  We had a couple nasty storms pass through our area last night and the power went out.  After 16 hours of outage, we discovered that everyone around us got their power back at 10:30pm last night (only 4 hrs of outage).  But not us - seems odd.  We're still without power.  The unfortunate thing is our sump pump can't pump and the back up pump isn't working (only when you need it, it fails).  So our basement is filled with water - ugh!  Luckily (or not lucky), this has happened several times before and 95% of everything we have down there is up on blocks.

We just got hooked up on a back-up generator loaned to us by a friendly neighbor.  So after getting the pump working, then the fridge and freezer hooked to it, I got power to the computer - yeah!!

I see I got tons of orders for ribbon and paper shares - thank you so much (you guys are the best!!)  If you haven't received a confirmation email from me yet...I'll be working on them this afternoon. 

Secondly - my husband works for the State of MN.  So if you've been following the news lately, you might already know that the State of MN is shut down.  He was "laid-off" as of Friday.  Of course - we're hoping the lay-off doesn't last too long.  But you never know.    Send positive thoughts this way!  In the meantime, I think he'll be getting some things scratched off his "honey do" list (he he!).

Thanks for your support~Dawn O