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Stampin' Up! Retired: Butterfly Punch

More Stampin' Up! Disney World - The Rides

When Stampin' Up! announced the Disney World incentive trip, my husband and I immediately thought, "this would be the perfect trip to take the kids along".  We had always just gone ourselves, so this trip was a very different experience from the other Stampin' Up! trips.

And well, you can't visit Disney World without taking in some rides!  As the boys are pretty young and little too small to go on several of the rides, we mainly stayed in Fantasyland and Adventure Land.


I think my favorite picture is the one in the lower right corner of Angie, Brandon, Max and Sam at the Swiss Family Robinson attraction.  What a cute little family!  I also love the smile on Max's face in the one above it.  Can't beat a smile like that.  In fact - just to watch the boys reaction on this trip, just warmed my heart and brought happy tears to my eyes.  Just priceless!

Enjoy~Dawn O