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Founder's Circle: I'm off to St. George!

Today I'm off to St. George, UT for my Stampin' Up! Founder's Circle Achiever's Trip.  I'm so looking forward to relaxing and reconnecting with friends, and making new friends too. 

Here's the travel wallet, luggage tags and agenda book they sent us a couple weeks ago. 


I want to take a minute to thank my awesome customers, club members and DOstamperSTARS!  You are all the best!  Without you, experiences like this wouldn't be possible.  I've been reminded lately by several of you, that I'm a great demonstrator.  I know that seems weird for me to say that here.  But sometimes a person needs to hear just that.  Not for the sake of hearing it - but to really know that you make a difference.  I'm so glad that many of you find I do make a difference and enrich your lives.  That means a lot to me.  Thank you from the bottom of the heart!

Ok - enough of the sappy stuff.  I've pre-posted some blog entries for you while I'm gone.  I'll also try to check in once or twice to give you the scoop on what's happening.  We always have great fun, wonderful food, awesome pillow gifts and more!

Enjoy~Dawn O