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More Stampin' Around Wheels: Answers to your Questions

Wow - I'm excited about the response to my first Stamping Basics Video: Stampin' Around Wheels, that I posted on Monday.  It seems that you're very interested in these kinds of videos.  I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

In the meantime, I've received a few requests about Stampin' Around Wheels...

Q.  Can you share how to do a straight line? 

A.  That's a good question.  Stampin' Up! used to carry a Stampin' Around Wheel Guide to aid in stamping a straight line.  Unfortunately - that product is retired.  However - if you have a ruler or other staight edge, that should do the trick.  Be sure to check out my previous video on how to use the Stampin' Around Wheel Guide to achieve straight lines.  Here's the link:

WATCH VIDEO:  Straight Lines with Stampin' Around Wheel Guide


Q.  Do you have a video showing how to use Stampin' Up!'s Builder Wheels?

A.  Actually, I do.  Check it out below:

WATCH VIDEO:  Stampin' Up! Builder Wheels



Between these three videos, you'll probably learn most everything you'll need to know about Stampin' Up! Wheels!

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Thank you~Dawn O