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Testing my Blog Feed, Typepad update, Free Shipping

Blog Feed Problems

I've heard from many you that you are not receiving my blog updates into your email inbox...particularly Yahoo and Hotmail users.  I appreciate that you took the time to contact me - thank you!

From my research, I suspect other "free" email services may have been affected as well.  I too, use Yahoo (though - at a paid service level) and apparantly any type of Yahoo user (paid or free), may be the root of the problem (as my feed is sent with a yahoo email address).  

Earlier this month, Yahoo did a major update.  My non-technical understanding of it is...Yahoo is not allowing some Yahoo emails to go through.  I'm assuming that since my email subscriber list is fairly large, it's outside of their "rules" for delivering emails.  I've enlisted the help of my husband and we have come to the conclusion that maybe sending my email subscription through another email provider might be the fix we need. 

If you could help me's a couple things you might try for me: 

  1. I changed my subscriber feed to be delivered from a new email address.  Please add the following email address to your contact list for me:  (I will still have as well.  You will be able to reach me via either email.)
  2. If you haven't been receiving emails from me since early April...hopfully you'll receive this "test" from me.  If you could send me an email that the test worked - that would be incredibly helpful
  3. NOTE:  you do not need to re-subscribe.  At least not at this time - I'm hoping this fix will work. 
  4. In the meantime - be sure to visit my blog at to get caught up on announcements, new products coming and of course creative projects/videos you might have missed.

Thanks for your help and patience as I work through this technical glitch~Dawn O


On another note...Typepad Technical Issues

In the past 24 hrs - Typepad (the blog service I use) has been hit with DDOS issues.  You may have noticed my blog has been randomly up, but mostly down.  They are working to fix issue and hopefully that too is now fix.


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