Wright County Fair

Wright County Fair

Where have I been?  I was at the Wright County Fair!  I met so many wonderful people, both local and out of town.  As I run a balanced business of local classes, clubs and parties, plus my online business for out of state people...I had something for everyone!  Well - something for all papercrafters and wanna be crafters!

Here's my Stampin' Up! booth...



It was fun wearing my DOstamping shirt, as a few out-of-town people recognized me.  Woohoo!

As usual at the fair - I give away door prizes.  This year is was FREE CLASSES!

The following people were the winners of my free classes.  I sent each of you an email notification.  Check out my class schedule here and sign up for your free class today! 

  • Maria Green
  • Nancy Molngen
  • Joni Falde
  • Heidi Kaldenberg (redeemed)
  • Sheila Nystrom
  • Joyce Zitzloff
  • Susan Burnette
  • Lori Grambart
  • Judy Allbee
  • Joan Johnson
  • Tara Vetsch

If your not located west of the Twin Cities, you may still participate in my club classes.  Check out my Long Distance Club Classes TO GO option here

Enjoy~Dawn O